Playlist 1191a opgenomen zondagavond 13 januari 2018 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

The last albums, the latest songs.

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Dylan, Bob High Water (voorkeur voor zelfsluitende waterkering in Steyl) Love and Theft(2001)
2 Boogie Beasts Mad Deep(2018)
3 Penner, Cam Right Here, Right There like That At War With Reason(2018)
4 Raskolnicov, Ripoff I'll Walk Away Small World(2018)
5 Williams, Brooks Rock Me Lucky Star(2018)
6 Lafarge, Pokey Wellington Manic Revelations(2017)
7 Hiatt, Lilly Rotterdam Trinity Lane(2017)
8 Hiatt, John Poor Imitation of God The Eclipse Sessions(2018)
9 Goss, Kieran & Annie Kinsella Jewel of The South Oh, The Starlings(2018)
10 Wall, Colter Saskatchewan in 1881 Songs Of The Plains(2018)
11 Doelen, Bjorn van der  De Woede/Wie de schoen past Eerwaarde Vader zegen mij want ik heb gezondigd(2018)
12 Groot, Boudewijn & The Dutch Eagles De Boom Even Weg(2018)
13 Milligan, Malford & The Southern Aces I'm So Glad To Do It Life Will Humble You(2018)
14 Jodymoon A Love Brand New A Love Brand New(2019)

Playlist 1191b opgenomen zondagavond 13 januari 2018 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

All in the family: Fairport Convention

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Hamilton Pool One That Got Away (Man ligt urenlang op explosief) Return To Zero(1995)    
2 Fairport Convention Who Knows Where the Time Goes Live at The BBC (1969)    
3 Fairport Convention Here's to Tom Paine Kind Fortune(2000)
4 Thompson, Richard & Linda The Poor Boy is Taken Away Poor Down Like Silver(1975)
5 Thompson, Richard Do all These Tears Belong to You  13 Rivers(2018)
6 Thompson, Richard No Matter  13 Rivers(2018)
7 Matthews Southern Comfort Blood Red Roses Second Spring(1970)
8 Fotheringay Peace in The End Fotheringay(1971)      
9 Denny, Sandy It'll Take A Long Time Live at the BBC (1972)   
10 Ian Campbell Folk Group Rockin'The Cradle This is the Ian Campbell Folk Group!(1964)   
11 Albion Band, The & Shirley Collins Murder Of Maria Marten No Roses (1971)     
12 Steeleye Span Lovely on The Water Please to see the King(1971)  
13 Swarbrick, Dave Wat Ye Wha I met The Screen/The Ribbons of the Red Head Girl/Ril Gan Ainm Smiddyburn(1981)  

Playlist 1190a opgenomen zondagavond 6 januari 2019  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

THE LOST ONES: Forgotten songs and singers (part 2)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Eaglesmith, Fred  Freight train (Treinongeluk Venlo) Ralph’s Last Show(2001)  
2 The Isley Brothers Shout (Part 1 & 2) single (1959)
3 Santana & The Isley brothers love, peace, happiness Power of peace (2017)
4 Cleary, Jon In The Mood Alligator Lips And Dirty Rice (1994)
5 BB & The blues shacks buckle up (instrumental) businessmen (2014)
6 Jones, Laurence All Along The Watchtower Live
7 McManus, Pat Oldest rocker walking through shadows (2011)
8 Nine below zero treat her right Don't point your finger (1981)
9 Watts, Matt Joanne How Different It Was When You Were There (2017)
10 Frank & Walters Lately Grand Parade (1997)
11 Dylan, Bob Buckets of rain More blood (2018)
12 Drivin' N' Cryin'  Space eyes Songs 'bout Cars,Space And Ramones (2012)

Playlist 1190b opgenomen zondagavond 6 januari 2019  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

THE LOST ONES: Forgotten songs and singers (part 2)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Thompson, Richard Fast food (Mie Schreurs van het frietei overleden) Mirror blue (1994)
2 Dickinson, James Luther Louise Dixie Fried (1972)
3 Dorough, Bob Three is a magic number Schoolhouse Rock: Multiplication Rock (1973)
4 Cowell, Jeff Running Plain (1973)
5 Callier, Terry Ho Tsing Mee (A Song of the Sun) What Color Is Love (1972)
6 Askew, ed Mr. dream Ask the Unicorn (1968)
7 Wilson, Bill Rainy Day Resolution Ever Changing Minstrel (1973)
8 Wilson, Bill Monday Morning Strangers Ever Changing Minstrel (1973)
9 Dorsey, Lee Yes We Can, Pt. 1 Yes We Can (1970)
10 Evans, dave Rosi The Words in Between (1971)
11 Garrie, Nick Can I stay with you The Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas (1969)
12 Grossman, Steven caravan tonight Caravan Tonight (1974)
13 Hester, Benny No the end is not near benny (1972)
14 Rhodes, Emitt Come Ride, Come Ride Emitt Rhodes (1970)
15 Weinberg, Elyse Houses Elyse (1968)

Playlist 1189a van zondagavond 30 december 2018 van 20 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Newbury, Mickey Sweet Memories (Foto's naar Venlo?) Heaven Help The Child(1973)
2 Diddley, Bo Story of Bo Diddley In the Spotlight(1966)
3 Williams, Jody Lucky Lou Return of a Legend(2001)
4 Williams, Brooks Here Comes The Blues Lucky Star(2018)
5 Wilson, Nancy The Queen of the Blues Live in Europe(1978)
6 Porter, Jennifer Beast Of Burden These Years(2018)
7 House, James & The Blues Cowboys Long Way Down House, James & The Blues Cowboys (2018)
8 House, James & The Blues Cowboys Which Side of The River House, James & The Blues Cowboys (2018)
9 Ripoff Raskolnikov Band The Way the Wind Blows Small World(2018)
10 Jodymoon A Love Brand New A Love Brand New(2018)
11 Yearlings, The Graphite and Sulphide Skywriting(2018)
12 Bennett Wilson Poole The Other Side of The Sky Bennett Wilson Poole(2018)
13 Dieter van der Westen Jessie James Me and You(2018)

Playlist 1189b van zondagavond 30 december 2018 van 20 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Special LAST & (NEW)Year

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Who, The The Dirty Jobs (Jos Luhukay ontslagen) Quadrophenia(1973)
2 James, Etta At Last Burnin'Down The House(Live) (2002)
3 Five Blind Boys of Alabama Free at Last Down in New Orleans(2008)
4 Brinsley Schwartz One More Day Silver Pistol(1972)
5 Weight, The I Wish You Were Here Tonight World Gone Mad(2018)
6 Cooder, Ry Witch came First The Slide Area(1982)
7 Almanac Singers, The I Don't Want Your Millions Mister The Greenwich Village Folk Scene
8 Berry, Chuck No Money Down Duane Allman Jukebox
9 Los Lobos Our Last Night How Will The Wolf Survive?(1984)
10 Hardin, Tim How Time Flies Hang on to a Dream(The Verve Years)(1965)
11 Little Walter Last Night The Chess Years(1952-1963)
12 Hunter, James Till The End The Hard Way(2009)
13 Asylum Street Spankers Some of These Days Mercurial(2004)
14 Johan Day is Done Pergola(2001)


Playlist 1188a van zondagavond 23 december 2018 van 20 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Christmas blues & other gifts

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Sultans of Slide Stupit Trouble (Gemeente blundert met kerstwens) Lightning Strikes
2 Lil'Ed and The Blues Imperials I'm Your Santa Alligator Christmas Colection
3 Beck, Jeff Amazing Grace Merry Axemas-a Guitar Christmas
4 Brian Setzer Orchestra                      Santa Drives a Hotrot Undergroud garage presents Christmas a go go
5 Clarke, William Please Let Me Be Your Santa Claus Alligator Christmas Colection
6 Kinks, The Father Christmas Undergroud garage presents Christmas a go go
7 Brown, James Please Come Home For Christmas Whatever Happened To Christmas
8 Carter, Clarence Back Door Santa Undergroud garage presents Christmas a go go
9 Withers, Bill The Gift of Giving Whatever Happened To Christmas
10 Fab Four Silend Night Undergroud garage presents Christmas a go go
11 Johnny Moore's Three Blazers Merry Christmas Baby Acoustic Christmas
12 Waits, Tom Christmas Cart From a Hooker in Minniapolis Whatever Happened To Christmas
13 Taylor, Koko Merry Merry Christmas Alligator Christmas Colection
14 Neal, Kenny Christmas Time in the Country Alligator Christmas Colection
15 Thomas, Rufus I'll Be Your Santa baby Alligator Christmas Colection

Playlist 1188b van zondagavond 23 december 2018 van 20 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

"It was 50 years ago today"

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Poco You Better Think Twice (Gezondheid lopers onderzocht tijdens Venloop) The Forgotten Trail
2 Cream Crossroads Wheels of Fire(1968)
3 Rolling Stones  Prodigal Son Beggars Banquet(1968)
4 Steve Miller Band Key to the Highway Children of the Future(1968)
5 Band, The Caledonia Mission Music From Big Pink(1968)
6 Cash, Johnny Dark as a Dungeon Live At Folson Prisom(1968)
7 Dieter van der Westen Band Miss You More Me and You(2018) - RECENSIE
8 Dieter van der Westen Band Take me Higher Me and You(2018) - RECENSIE
9 Traffic Feelin Allright? Traffic(1968)
10 Morrison, Van Beside You Astral Weeks(1968)
11 Zombies, The Maybe After He's Gone Odessy & Oracle (1968)
12 Byrds, The Draft Morning Notorious Byrd Brothers(1968)

Playlist 1187 opgenomen zondagavond 16 december 2018  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Forgotten songs and singers

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Tom Paxton- & The Broadside Singers  Ain’t That News?  (D’r is altijd wel nieuws in Venlo!!) Broadside Recordings(1964)  
2 Siffre, Labi  Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lyin Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lyin (1972)
Rapp, Tom 
the baptist Stardancer (1972)
4 Jans, Tom margarita Tom Jans (1974)
5 Sill, Judee Crayon angels Judee Sill (1971)
6 Previn, Dory Atlantis  
7 Axton, Hoyt Way Before the Time of Towns My Griffin Is Gone (1969)
8 Waldman, Wendy waiting for the rain Love Has Got Me (1973)
9 Benno, Marc Franny Minnows (1971)
10 Blue, David True to you Nice Baby and the Angel (1973)
11 Bolotin, Jay  For Kristy Jay Bolotin (1970)
John D. Loudermilk 
Nassau town The Open Mind of John D. Loudermilk (1969)
13 stoecklein, val  Say It's Not Over grey life (1968)
14 Faryar, Cyrus  Softly Through the Darkness  Cyrus (1971)
15 Bridget St John A day away Songs for the Gentle Man (1971)
16 Hull, alan Country Gentleman's Wife  Pipedream (1973)
17 Wilson, Larry John New Beginnings (Russian River Rainbow) New Beginnings (1975)
18 Heideman, Kathy Fine street woman Move with Love (1971)

Playlist 1186a van zondagavond 9 december 2018 van 20 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Caravan of fools en andere outlaws

1 Il canto di malavita  Ndrangheta, Camurra e Mafia  (kopstuk mafia in Tegelen) La musica della mafia (2000)               
2 Israel Nash The Widow Lifted(2018)
3 Vanderveen, Ad Big Old Lonely Feeling Denver Nevada(2018)
4 Dickenson, Jarrod Faint of Heart Ready The Horses(2017)
5 Tweedy, Jeff Dawned On Me Together at Last(2017)
6 Lafave, Jimmy It Makes No Difference Peace Town (2018)
7 Dieter van der Westen Band Miss You More Me and You(2018)
8 Dieter van der Westen Band Driving Home Me and You(2018)
9 Stapleton, Chris When The Stars Come Out Traveller(2015)
10 Prine, John Caravan of Fools The Tree of Forgiveness(2018)
11 Bell, Nathan A Day Like This Loves, Bones & Stars(2018)

Playlist 1186b van zondagavond 9 december 2018 van 20 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

New Orleans: A multicultural melting pot of unique rhythms and rhymes

1 Simon, Carli  Night  Owl (Oehoe houdt Arcen uit slaap) No Secrets (1972)
2 Galactic Feat. Theryl deClouet Welcome to New Orleans Doctors, Professors, Kings & Queens
3 Cleary, Jon Dyna-Mite Dyna-Mite(2018)
4 Crawford, Davell House That jack Build Funky New Orleans(1997)
5 Washington, Walter "Wolfman" You Can Stay, But the Noise must Go Funky New Orleans(1987)
6 Philips, David Friends Like You Get Along(2018)
7 Philips, David Nowhere Get Along(2018)
8 Thomas, Irma Don't Mess With my Man Big Easy Blues(1985)
9 John, Dr Such A Night Anthology(1973)
10 Bo Dollis and Monk Boudreaux with ReBirth Brass Band Shoo Fly Street Beat(1992)
11 Burke, Solomon Here We Go Again Funky New Orleans(1985)


Playlist 1185a van zondagavond 2 december 2018 van 20 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Bergh, Bert van den  Maetje van ut Zwarte Water (premiere voorstelling Zwarte Water) Dylan Geit Plat(2008)
2 Tedeschi Trucks Band I Pity The Fool Live From The Fox Oakland(2017)
3 Mayall, John Padlock on the Blues Padlock on the Blues(1999)
4 Travellin' Blue Kings Straight Eight Wired Up(2018)
5 Schorr, Sari Thank You (recensie) Never Say Never(2018)
6 Schorr, Sari Never Say Never (recensie) Never Say Never(2018)
7 Prestage, Ben Hey Hey Live in Europe(2015)
8 Space Age Travellers, The Rollercoaster Adventures in the Shadows(2018)
9 Blue Grass Boogiemen Cold Cold Heart Hits of Hank Williams(2009)
10 Williams, Hank Cold Cold Heart Live at The Grand Ole Opry (1999)
11 Bibb, Eric Where Za Money At Global Riot (2018)
12 Milligan, Malford & The Southern Aces I Won't Surrender Life Will Humble You (2018)

Playlist 1185b van zondagavond 2 december 2018 van 20 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Dunnery, Francis  Revolution Let's Go Do What Happens (1998) 
2 Rhodes, Sandra Where's Your Love been? Country Got Soul  Volume One (1973)
3 Wammack, Travis Easy Evil Country Got Soul  Volume Two (1975)
4 Gentry, Bobby Ode To Billy Joe Ode To Bobby Gentry(1967)
5 Folk Road Show Over Again Gold(2017)
6 Johan Oceans THX JHN(2006)
7 Odetta Don't Think Twice it's Allright Odetta sings Dylan (1965)
8 Shocking Blue California Here I Come Nederbeat  (1969)
9 Dayton, Jesse We Lost it The Outsider(2018)
10 Yearlings, The Skywriting Skywriting(2018)
11 Hillman, Chris & Herb Peterson Wheels Recorded at Dar Constitution Hall 10 januari 2015
12 Williams, Holly & Chris Coleman Orphan Girl Recorded at Dar Constitution Hall 10 januari 2015
13 Earle, Steve Sin City Recorded at Dar Constitution Hall 10 januari 2015

Playlist 1184 (SPECIAL COVERS) van zondagavond 25 november 2018 van 20 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Geert Hovens)

Artiest Titel Schrijver Titel album
1 Baez, Joan  There But for Fortune (Miljoenen provincie naar groeiend Greenport) Phil Ochs Mojo: Dylan's Scene
2 Escovedo, Alejandro  Sway Jagger / Richards Uncut: 17 Covers of Classic RS Songs
3 Remmelt Muus & Femke Comes a Time Neil Young Red Rooster 500
4 Mellencamp, John  Do-Re-Mi Woody Guthrie Folways: a Vision Shared
5 Volt, Son  Ain't No More Cane Traditional Retrospective 1995-2000
6 Peyroux, Madeleine  Life is Fine Rainer Ptacek Inner Flame
7 Williams, Lucinda  Return of the Grievous Angel Gram Parsons / Thomas Brown Return of the Grievous Angel
8 Cooder, Ry  At the Dark End of the Street Dan Penn / Chips Moman Showtime
9 Cordovas I’m The One Who Needs You Tonight CD-RECENSIE That Santa Fe Channel
10 Cordovas Step Back Red CD-RECENSIE That Santa Fe Channel
11 Cash, Johnny  I See a Darkness (& Will Oldham) Will Oldham Amercan III: Solitary Man
12 Po' Girl Partisan, the (= Bonus, staat niet aangekondigd op hoesje!) Anna Marly / D'Astier de la Vigerie, Emmanuel Home to You
13 Old Crow Medecine Show Down Home Girl Jerry Leiber / Artie Butler Best of
14 Brun, Ane  All my tears (Be Washed Away) Julie Miller Rarities
15 Polux, Frans  Sperjesveld Traditional Pollux duit Springsteen
16 Hersheimer, Julia P.  Noordzee Dylan Als de Rook Om je Hoofd is Verdwenen...
17 Springsteen, Bruce  I Want You   On the Crest of the Airwaves


Playlist 1183a opgenomen zondagavond 18 november 2018 van 19 tot 20 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

1 Bragg, Billy & Joe Henry  Waiting For a Train ("If you've got the rhythm, we've got the blues") Shine a Light(2016)
2 Gomes, Anthony the whiskey made me do it Peace, Love & Loud Guitars (2018)
3 Fletcher, Kirk Hold on Hold on (2018)
4 The Devil Makes Three Paint my face Chains are Broken
5 The Devil Makes Three Bad Idea Chains are Broken
6 Sven Hammond greasy chops Rapture (2017)
7 Hiatt, John Over the hill The Eclipse Sessions (2018)
8 Villagers Fool The Art of Pretending to Swim (2018)
9 Vile, Kurt Loading Zones Bottle It In (2018)
10 Jones, Sharon we get along give the people what they want (2014)
11 Landes, Dawn What Is the Color of the Soul Meet me at the river (2018)
12 Ballard, Hank Look at little sister Charlie R&B

Playlist 1183b opgenomen zondagavond 18 november 2018 van 20 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

1 Cohen, Leonard Stories of the Street ("died in November") Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967) 
2 Collins, Albert (Collins Cray Copeland) T Bone Shuffle Showdown! (1985)
3 Toussaint, Alan when the party's over Southern Nights (1975)
4 Morrison, Van & G. Fame & M. Allison Blues in the Nigh Tell me something (1996)
5 Sloan, P.F. Eve of destruction Songs of Our Times (1965)
6 Russel, Leon  Watching the river flow Tangled up in blues : songs of Bob Dylan (2000)
7 Drake, Nick Northern sky Bryter Layter (1970)
8 Harrison, George your love is forever George Harrison (1979)
9 Badfinger Come and Get It Magic Christian Music (1970)
10 Donegan, Lonnie Times are getting hard boys single 1958
11 Cassidy, Eva people get ready Acoustic (2017)
12 Hatfield, Bobby The feeling is right The Other Brother (2017)
13 Conley, Arthur Sweet soul music single 1967
14 CSNY Teach Your Children Deja Vu live (2008)


Playlist 1182a  (‘Wat nou als je wordt geraakt.’ Blues & roots according to Frank) van zondagavond 11 oktober 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Wishbone Ash Warrior (jubilerend-jocus-brengt-krijger-terug-naar-venlo) Argus(1972)
2 Travellin'Blue Kings I Don't Wanna Stop Wired Up(2018)
3 Tedeschi Trucks Band, The Bird on the Wire Live From The Fox(2017)
4 Space Age Travellers,  The Go Gaddum Adventures in the Shadow(2018)
5 Baker, Laverne Saved Atlantic R&B Volume 4 (1961)
6 Allison, Mose Young Man's Blues Mose Allison(1957)
7 Hour Glass, The I Can Stand Alone The Power of Love(1968)
8 Milligan, Malford & The Southern Aces Slow Train Life Will Humble You(2018)
9 Magpie Salute, The Fairless The Magpie Salute(2017)
10 Linden, Colin The Hurt Rich in Love(2015)
11 Yearlings, The My Deliverance Skywriting(2018)
12 Bennett Wilson Poole The Other Side of The Sky Bennett Wilson Poole(2018)

Playlist 1182b  (Grenswerk en ‘Bob Dylan Approximately’) van zondagavond 11 november 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Dylan, Bob I Pity The Poor Immigrant (illegalen-gesnapt-tijdens-controle-a67-bij-venlo) John Wesley Harding(1967)
2 Raitt, Bonnie It's All Over Now Baby Blue Steal This Movie(2000)
3 Williams, Lucinda Positively 4th Street The Village(2009)
4 Zelmani, Sophie Most of The Time Masked and Anonymous(2003)
5 Weight Band, The World Gone Mad World Gone Mad(2018)
6 Weight Band, The Big Legged Sadie World Gone Mad(2018)
7 Tweedy, Jeff Simple Twist of Fate I'm Not There(2007)
8 Gilkyson, Eliza Love Minus Zero/No Limit A Nod To Bob(2001)
9 Healey, Jeff When The Night Comes Falling From the Sky May Your Song Allways be sung(1989)
10 Tate, Howard Girl From the North Country Black America Sings Bob Dylan(1972)
11 Odetta Baby, I'm in the Mood For You Odetta Sings Dylan(1965)


Playlist 1181a  (Fons Daamen bespreekt de nieuwe Joe Bonamassa, Red Rooster de rest) opgenomen zondagavond 28 oktober 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 James, Elmore  Shake Your Money Maker (Venlo krijgt 21,7 miljoen voor verlichting zorgtekort) The Sky is Crying (1961)
2 Piazza, Rod Harpburn His instrumentals (2018)
3 Clarke, william  Instrumental #1 One more again (2008)
4 Drivin' N' Cryin'  Space eyes Sngs 'bout Cars,Space And Ramones (2012)
5 Ruff As Stone Black is black Put Your Smile On 2018)
6 Frances, Melly  & The Distilled Spirits dollar bill The album (2018)
7 Bonamassa, Joe Evil Mama Redemption
8 Bonamassa, Joe I’ve Got Some Mind Over What Matters Redemption
9 Landes, Dawn Meet me at the river  Meet me at the river (2018)
10 Ribot, Marc & Steve Earle & Tift Merrit Ain't Gonna Let Them Turn Us Round Songs of Resistance 1942-2018
11 Morrison, Donegan, Barber Dead or alive The Skiffle Sessions
12 Beeker, Peter Door ut stof neet mier Dylan geit plat
13 Chubby, Popa San Catri Guitar Shop (electric chubbyland 2006)


Playlist 1181b  (Tom Waits - and other songs about November) opgenomen zondagavond 4 november 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Pentangle  The Trees They Do Grow High (bomenkap zorgt voor gevaarlijke situatie in Arcen) Box-The Time Has Come(1968) 
2 Williamson, Sonny Boy  November Boogie Collectors Special Records EP (1966)
3 Williamson, John  Papa Whisky November Waratah St. (1991)
4 Avett Brothers November blue  Country Was (2002)
5 Bramhall, Doyle  November Rich Man 2016
6 Big & Rich 8th Of November  Comin' to Your City (2005)
7 Denny, Sandy  Late November  North Star Grassman and the Ravens (1971)
8 Blasko, Sarah  Sweet November   The Overture & the Underscore (2004)
9 Nova, Heather  Sweet November  (B-side 2002)
10 Waterboys November Tale  Modern Blues (2015)
11 Nelson, Willie  Cold November Wind  Island In The Sea (1987)
12 Chapin, Harry  November Rain The Last Protest Singer (1988)
13 Waits, Tom November  The Black Rider (1993)
14 Hatfield, Juliana  remember november  How to Walk Away (2008)

Playlist 1180a  (Het fort van Venlo – en andere blues) van zondagavond 28 oktober 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Blues Band, The Sittin’On Top of The World  (fort speelt hoofdrol in nieuwe plannen gemeente Venlo  Wireless(1995)
2 Piazza, Rod Upsetter His instrumentals (2018)
3 Clarke, william  Goin' Steady Tip of the Top (1987)
4 Primich, Gary Caravan Just a little bit more (2012)
5 Bishop, Elvin Can't take no more elvin bishop's big fun trio (2017)
6 Walter, Khalif 'Wailin'  Supercalifunkin'groovy She put the voodoo on me (2012)
7 Ruff As Stone everyone's a winner Put Your Smile On 2018)
8 Cliff Wheeler band Yep To the bone (2018)
9 Frances, Melly  & The Distilled Spirits Blue dress The album (2018)
10 Engedalen, Rita  My hillcountry blues Best of (2018)
11 Ribot, Marc & Steve Earle srinivas  Songs of Resistance 1942-2018
12 Bennett Wilson Poole ask me anything Bennett Wilson Poole (2018)
13 Chubby, Popa Locked in a memory The Fight Is On (2010)

Playlist 1180b  (De lekkerste vlaai van Venlo, met de mooiste rootsmuziek) van zondagavond 28 oktober 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Album
1 Ozark Mountain Daredevils  Red Plum (Beste vlaai komt uit Tegelen) Men From Earth(1976) 
2 Beau Brummels You tell me why Beau Brummels (1975)
3 Elliott, Ron Deep river runs blue The Candlestickmaker (1970)
4 Morrison, Van Almost Independance day Saint Dominic's Preview (1972)
5 Bonny Doon Try to be Longwave (2018)
6 Lucas, Austin The shadow and marie Immortal Americans 2018
7 Ribot, Marc & Tom Waits Bella Ciao Songs of Resistance 1942-2018
8 Gabriel, Gunter Wanted man  
10 Dala Levi blues Girls from the North Country (2010)
11 The devil makes three Chains Are Broken Chains Are Broken (2018)
12 Landes, Dawn I don't dance Meet me at the river (2018)
13 Redbone, Leon champagne charlie  live at glocke, bremen 12-01-1977 (2018)
14 Redbone, Leon i ain't got nobody  live at glocke, bremen 12-01-1977 (2018)


Playlist 1179a  (blues) van zondagavond 21 oktober 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Jethro Tull Living in The Past (Middeleeuwse ontdekking in Venlo op de Parade) Living in The Past(1972)
2 Dynamite Blues Band Boogie Through The Night Shakedown & Boogie(2014)
3 Rush, Otis Right Place, Wrong Time Right Place, Wrong Time (1976)
4 Chubby, Poppa Rock On Blues Man Big, Bad & Beautiful-Live (2015)
5 Reed, Ely "Paperboy" As  I live and Breathe Meets High and Mighty Brass Band(2018)
6 Reed, Ely "Paperboy" Gonna Getcha Back Meets High and Mighty Brass Band(2018)
7 Lazy Lester The Sun Is Shining Blues Stop Knockin' (bonus Track)(2009)
8 Jefferson Airplaine White Rabbit Surrealistic Pillow(1967)
9 Malford Milligan & The Southern Aces Yo Yo Life Will Humble You(2018)
10 Beatles, The While My Guitar Gently Weeps White Album(1968)
11 Bibb, Eric Mole in the ground Global Griot(2018)

Playlist 1179b  (Sunday Folk / roots) van zondagavond 21 oktober 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Thompson, Richard Action Packed Rumor ans Sigh(1991)
2 Vintage Trouble Another Man's Words The Swing House Acoustic Sessions(2014)
3 Bennett, Wilson, Poole Wilson General Store Bennett, Wilson, Poole(2018)
4 Allez Mama Allons Dancez Hunkeren(1994)
5 Fleetwood Mac The Chain Rumours(Alternate Take)(1976)
6 Fairport Convention Knocking On Heavens Door A Tree With Roots(2018) opname live 1975
7 Fairport Convention Tomorrow is a Long Time A Tree With Roots(2018) opname live 1977
8 Thompson, Linda If I Were A Bluebird Won't Be Long Now(2013)
9 Cowboy Junkies, The The Things We Do To Each Other All That Reckoning(2018)
10 Wood Brothers, The Made it Up The Mountain Live(2012)


Playlist 1178  van zondagavond 14 oktober 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Bragg, Billy Must I Paint You a Picture Workers Playtime(1988)
2 Romano, Daniel There's a Hardship If I've Only One Time Askin'(2015)
3 Taylor, Chip Intro The Van Song Rock & Roll Joe(2011)
4 Taylor, Chip The Van Song Rock & Roll Joe(2011)
5 Morrison, Van Wild Children "….It's Too Late to stop Now…."(1974)
6 Roy, J.W. & The Royal Family Keep it Simple A Room Full Off Strangers(2018)
7 Kliphuis, Lea No More You The World Owes Me Nothing(2015)
8 Sjoerdsma, Margriet It Dousn't Matter Anymore Tribute to Eva Cassidy(2013)
9 The Lasses & Claire, Kathryn Love Has Gone Live at the Parel van Zuilen(2017)
10 Blank, Judy Tangled Up In You Morning Sun(2018)
11 Dylan, Bob Tangled Up In Blue Blood on The Tracks(1975)
12 Vanderveen, Ad Another Song Denver Nevada - Solo Live(2018)
13 Vanderveen, Ad Big Old Lonely Feeling Denver Nevada - Solo Live(2018)
14 Gilkyson, Eliza Beautiful World The Six Sessions(2009)
15 Scott, Darrell & Casey Driessen The Dreamer The Six Sessions(2008)

Playlist 1177  van zondagavond 7 oktober 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Giesen)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Wye Oak it was not natural the louder I call, the faster it runs
2 Bennett Wilson Poole not forgetting (still remembering) Bennett Wilson Poole
3 Dawes never gonna say goodbye passwords
4 Cornell, Chris  You never knew my mind Johnny Cash the words
5 The Low Anthem  give my body back the salt doll went to measure the depth of the sea
6 Young, Neil  alburquerque roxy: tonight's the night live
7 Rose Cousins never surrender (single)
8 Felice, Simone  the projector the projector
9 Deneckere & Nils de Caster, Bruno  breathing again I remember the day
10 Dylan, Bob  if you see her, say hello (take1) more blood, more tracks (the bootlegsserie #14) (single)
11 Gracie, Isaac last words Isaac Gracie
12 the Wood Brothers this is it one drop of truth
13 Room in the wood Sensation room in the wood

Playlist 1176  van zondagavond 30 september 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Yes Into The lens (Prog power festival Baarlo / Overlijden cameraman Ronal Vos Omroep Venlo) Drama(1980)
2 Schorr, Sari King of Rock and Roll Never Say Never(2018)
3 Ten Years After Love to change The Wold A Space in Time(1971)
4 Bonamassa, Joe Deep in The Blues Again Redemption(2018)
5 VaNNelle Cocaine live
6 McGarvey, Ryan Texas Special live
7 McGarvey, Ryan Blues Garage live
8 Funk Brothers, The Shotgun Live in Orlando(2008)
9 McNeeley, Big Jay Big Jay Shuffle Central Ave. Confidential(1999)
10 Detonics, The Swing King Raise Your Bet(2018)
11 Siegal, Ian & Jimbo Mathus  Milltown (Windpark Venlo komt er) Wayward Sons(2016)
12 Phillips, David My Gravity Get Along(2018)
13 Blank, Judy Mary James Morning Sun(2018)
14 Cordovas Selfish Loner That Santa Fe Channel(2018)
15 Lasses, The The One I Know Live at The Rietveld Theater(2018)
16 Thompson, Richard The Dog in You 13 Rivers(2018)
17 Weight Band, The World Gone Mad World Gone Mad(2018)
18 Western Centuries Far From Home Songs From The Deluge(2018)
19 The Devil Makes Three Paint My Face Chains Are Broken(2018)
20 Dieter van der Westen Band Miss You More Me and You(2018)
21 A. J. Roach & Nels Andrews Dollar and a dream The Six Sessions(2006)
22 Gilkyson, Eliza Beautiful World The Six Sessions(2009)
23 Scott, Darrell & Casey Driessen The Dreamer The Six Sessions(2008)

Playlist 1175  van zondagavond 23 september 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Traffic  Shoot out at The Fantasy Factory (Puddingfabriek inspirerend monument Venlo?) Shoot out at The Fantasy Factory (1972)
2 Buchanan, Roy  Ramon's blues Loading zone (1977)
3 Jones, Laurence All Along The Watchtower Blues caravan 2014
4 Skjolberg, Christina Close The Door Blues caravan 2014
5 Castiglia, Albert Put Some Stank On It Blues caravan 2014
6 Chubby, Popa White devil Brooklyn Basement Blues (1999)
7 Davis, reverend Gary Say no to the devil All that blues
8 Clark, Gene Big city girl Gene Clark Sings for You (2018)
9 McCartney, Paul hunt you down-naked-c-link Egypt station
10 Gatton, Danny  Quiet Village (Silent Disco voor Demente ouderen in Venlo) 88 Elmira ST.(1991
11 Howard, Ben Towing the Line Noonday Dream (2018)
12 Dawes Stay down Password (2018)
13 Fungus / Fred Piek Kaapren Varen Vroeger is Terug (1997)  
14 Fleetwood Mac The Chain  Rumours (alternate mix)
15 Bennett Wilson Poole Soon enough Bennett Wilson Poole
16 Outlaw, Sam Ghost Town Angeleno (2015)
17 Evans, dave insanity rag / doorway The Words in Between (1971)
18 Brandos Jailor bring me water Nowhere Zone (1998)
19 lincoln, philamore the north wind blew south the north wind blew south 1970
20 Cave, Nick I'm Your Man Leonard Cohen tribute
21 Springsteen, Bruce American Skin (41 Shots) Essential (2003)Live in New York ciry (1999)

Playlist 1174  van zondagavond 16 september 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Bergh, Bert van de  Maedje van ut zwarte water (Venlose Top 100) Dylan Geit Plat(1998)
2 Ten Years After Working on the Road Cricklewood Green(1970)
3 Fuchs, Dana Nobody's Fould But Mine Love Lives On(2018)
4 Freischlader, Hendrik I Recorded By Martin Meinschafer(2009)
5 Blackberry Smoke Running Through Time Like An Arrow(2016)
6 Bryant, Danny May I Have a talk With You Revelation(2018)
7 Hoax, The High Expectations Humdinger(1998)
8 Forsyth, Guy Taxi High Temperature(1994)
9 Taylor, Sean Bad Case of The Blues Flood & Burn(2018)
10 Scaggs, Boz The Feeling is Gone Out of The Blues(2018)
11 Schwarz, Zoe Don't Worry Blues The Blues and I Should Have A Party(2018)
12 Savoretti, Jack   Songs from different times (Tegelen terug in de tijd met Sound Express) Harder than Easy(2009)
13 Dieter van der Westen Band Driving Home Me and You(2018)
14 Jayhawks, The Waiting For The Sun Music From The North Country(2009)
15 Huys, Ethan Lonesome Traveller The Secret Us(2018)
16 Yearlings, The Eveline(You've Got To Know it) Skywriting(2018)
17 Vanderveen, Ad Backroads of Hope Denver Nevada(2018)
18 Lasses, The Hunter Moon EP Live at The Rietveld Theater(2018)
19 My Darling Clementine Yours is the cross That I Still Bear Still Testifying(2017)
20 AJ Plug The Sun Shines Today Barefood-The Grollo Takes(2018)
21 Williams, Brooks Allways The Same Lucky Star(2018)
22 Vanderveen, Ad Denver Nevada Solo Live 13 April 2018
23 Vanderveen, Ad Wooden Shoes, Wooden Head, Wouldn't Listen Solo Live 13 April 2018

Playlist 1173  van zondagavond 9 september 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Los Lobos Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakin’ (Lichte aardbeving in Venlo) By The Light of The Moon(1987)
2 King , Ben E  Into the mystic  
3 King, BB  The thrill is gone Blues collection
4 Buchanan, Roy  The messiah will come again A street called straight (1976)
5 Santana & Buddy Miles Marbles Live (1972)
6 Gatton, Danny   Notcho blues Everybody slides
7 America Till the sun comes up again Homecoming (1972)
8 Martyn , John  Ballad of an elder woman London Conversation (1967)
9 Wainwright III, Loudon  One man guy Poses (2001)
10 Cohen, Leonard  lover lover lover New Skin for the Old Ceremony (1974)
11 Redding, Otis  security definitive collection
12 Eagles Vision  One of these nights (1975)
13 Hardin, Tim Red Balloon (Zes drugspanden gesloten in Venlo) Tim Hardin II (1967)
14 Hendrix, Jimi Stone free The concerts (1982)
15 Led Zeppelin Since I've been loving you III (1979)
16 CCR Born on the Bayou Bayou Country (1969)
17 Wings Medicine Jar Venus & Mars (1975)
18 Parsons, Gram  Brass buttons Grievous angel
19 Croce, Jim These dreams  
20 Cash, Johnny When He Comes  
21 Pink Floyd Stay Obscured by Clouds (1972)
22 Zevon, Warren   Carmelita idem (1976)
23 South, Joe   UNTIE ME  

Playlist 1172  van zondagavond 2 september 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Jones, Laurence What Would You Do The Thruth(2018)
2 Trout, Walter & Jon Trout Do You Still See Me At All We're all in this Together(2017)
3 Rolling Stones, The Commit A Crime Blue and Lonesome(2016)
4 Scaggs, Boz On the Beach Out of The Blues(2018)
5 Franklin, Aretha Just For A Trill The Tender, The Moving, The Swinging Aretha Franklin
6 Franklin, Aretha Ain't Nobody(Gonna Turn Me Around) Aretha Arrives(1967)
7 Franklin, Aretha Respect Live at Fillmore West(1971)
8 David, Michelle Taking it Back The Gospel sessions Vol 3 (2018)
9 Stone, Joss Killing Time Mind, Body & Soul (2004)
10 Curse Of Lono Blackout Fever As I Fell(2018)
11 Teskey Brothers, The Pain and Misery Half Mile Harvest(2018)
12 Finley, Robert Honey, Let me Stay The Night Goin'Platinum(2018)
13 Fuchs, Dana Ring of Fire Love Lives on(2018)
14 Neilson, Tamie Lonely Don't Be Afraid(2016)
15 Nash, Israel Spirit Falls Lifted(2018)
16 Cooder, Ry Straight Street The Prodigal Son(2018)
17 Lafave, Jimmy It Makes No Difference Peace Town(2018)
18 Isbell, Jason & The 400 Unit Tupelo The Nashville Sound(2017)
19 Taylor, Sean Flood and Burn Flood and Burn(2018)
20 New Riders of The Purple Sage Truck drivin'Man Live Boston 5 dec 1972 (2003)
21 Ely, Joe If You Were a Bluebird Live at The Liberty Lunch(1990)
22 Kristofferson, Kris El Gavilan(The Hawk) Reposessed(1987)
23 Prine, John God Only Knows The Tree of Forgiveness(2018)
24 Lovett, Lyle Penguins Live in Texas(1999)
25 Lovett, Lyle I've Been To Memphis Live in Texas(1999)

Playlist 1171  van zondagavond 26 augustus 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)


Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Jackson, George Aretha, Sing one for me RR110318 - 
2 Trout, Walter Gonna hurt like hell We're all in this together (2017)
3 King King nobody knows your name Exile & Grace (2017)
4 Neilson, Tami Holy moses Don't Be Afraid (2015)
5 Stompin grounds Make Some Noise  
6 Bintangs Agnes Grey / Hobo man Genuine Bull (1975)
7 Ben miller band One more time choke cherry tree (2018)
8 Ben miller band Sketchbook choke cherry tree (2018)
9 King King Betrayed me  Exile & Grace (2017)
10 Neilson, Tami Lonely Don't Be Afraid (2015)
11 Bintangs Travelling in the USA Travelling in the U.S.A. (1970)
12 Jones, Laurence Give me your time The truth
13 Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet home alabama  
14 Jones, Laurence Can't go on without you The truth
15 Neilson, Tami only tears Don't Be Afraid (2015)
16 Trout, Walter Death letter blues Breaking the rules
17 Neilson, Tami Devil in a dress SASSAFRASS (2018)
18 Bintangs Ridin on the L&N Travelling in the U.S.A. (1970)
19 King King Wait on time Live (2016)
20 Ben miller band akira kurosawa choke cherry tree (2018)
21 Jones, Laurence What would you do The truth
22 Trout, Walter Marie's introduction Live in Amsterdam (2016)
23 Trout, Walter Play the guitar Live in Amsterdam (2016)
24 Trout, Walter Help me Live in Amsterdam (2016)
25 Trout, Walter I'm back Live in Amsterdam (2016)

Playlist 1170  van zondagavond 19 augustus 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (non-stop samenstelling Huub Hovens)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Aretha Franklin Respect  
2 Manassas The treasure Manassas
3 Leon Russell Stranger in a strange land Leon Russell
4 Traffic Gimme Some Lovin' Welcome to the canteen
5 Rolling Stones Sweet Virginia Exile on mainstreet
6 BB King The Thrill is gone Live in Cook county Jail
7 Jethro Tull Locomotive Breath Aqualung live
8 Class Ynstrom The Supernatural Peter Greens songbook
9 Duane Allman Please be with me An Anthology of Duane Allman
10 Albert King Blues Power Live Wire Blues Power
11 Ian Mathews Please be my friend Tigers will survive
12 Sandy Denny Trevor Lucas Forever Young the attic tracks 1972-1984
13 CCC Lulu Jan
14 Hobo String Band Borita Brosted Hobo String Band
15 Hobo String Band My Uncle Hobo String Band
16 ChipTaylor Holy Shit London Sessions
17 Ferre Grignard Ring ring I've got to sing Ferre Grignard
18 The Band t makes no difference The Last Waltz
19 The Byrds Lover of the Bayou Untitled
20 Fungus broeder lazerus dokkumer kloken de horlepiep collection
21 Bob Dylan & the band Million dollar bash Basement tapes
22 Paul Simon Bridge over trouble water Live with Jesse Dixon singers
23 Loggins & Messina To make a woman feel wanted On Stage
24 Loggins & Messina You're mama don't dance On Stage

Playlist 1169  van zondagavond 12 augustus 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (non-stop samenstelling Huub Hovens)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 John Mayall Room to move Terug naar Lochum
2 Crosby Stills Nash & Young Carry on 4 way street
3 Derek and the Domino's Layla Layla and other asorted love songs
4 Rory Galagher Messin with the kid Cork 1
5 Roy Buchanon I'm Evil Live Stock
6 Cuby & the Blizzards Twenty Four hours Praise the Blues with Eddy Boyd
7 Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd
8 Snowy White Change my life Snowy White's Blues Agency
9 Eagles Peaceful easy feelin' Don Kirshner Rock concert 14-3-74
10 Grateful Dead To lay me down Reckoning
11 Ozark Mountain Daredevils Gypsy Forest The car over the lake album
12 Fairport Convention Fotheringgay What we did on our Holiday
13 Neil Young a man needs a maid/heart of gold suite Massey Hall 1971
14 Emmylou Harris Sweet dreams  
15 The Flying Burrito Bros Dark end of the street The gilded palace of sun
16 James Taylor Steamroller Blues Live
17 CCC Once I lived the life CCC for ever
18 Poco A good feelin'to know A good feelin'to know
19 Jackson Brown The load out Running on empty
20 Jackson Brown Stay Running on empty

Playlist 1168  van zondagavond 5 augustus 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (non-stop samenstelling Hans Stikkelbroeck)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Clapton, Eric & Steve Winwood Little Wing Live From Madison Square Garden(2009)
2 Blind Faith Precence of The Lord Blind Faith(1969)
3 Clapton, Eric & Buddy Guy & Robert Cray Worried Life Blues 24 Nights (1991)
4 Clapton, Eric & Albert Lee Call Me The Breeze The Breeze…An Appreciation of JJ Cale(2014)
5 Derek & The Dominos Mean Old World Crossroads Box (1964)
6 Mayall, John & Eric Clapton All Your Love Crossroads Box (1964)
7 Cream Strange Brew Disraeli Gears(1967)
8 Yardbirds, The I Wish you Would Crossroads Box (1964)
9 Stills, Stephen & Clapton Fishes & Scorpions Stephen Stills 2 (1971)
10 Eric Clapton  Smile "Live" In the Seventies(1983)
11 Clapton, Eric & Rick Danko New Mexico Rick Danko(1977)
12 Davis, Jesse Ed & Eric Clapton Washita Love Child Jesse Ed Davis(1971)
13 Clapton, Eric    The Sky Is Crying Crossroads Box (1964)
14 Derek & The Dominos Layla Crossroads Box (1964)
15 Browne, Jackson Late For The Sky Late For The Sky (1974)
16 Raitt, Bonnie& Jackson Browne My Opening Farewell Road Tested(1995)
17 Lovett, Lyle & Jackson Browne Fiona Road to Ensenada(1996)
18 Keb Mo & Jackson Browne Just Like You Just Like You(1996)
19 Browne, Jackson Kisses Sweeter than Wine Where have all the flowers gone(1998)
20 Browne, Jackson I've Been The One Rock & Roll Doctor tribute to Lowell George (1997)
21 House, Griffin Barricades of Love Looking Into You(a Tribute)(2014)
22 Springsteen, Bruce & Patti Scialfa Linda Paloma Looking Into You(a Tribute)(2014)
23 Gilkyson, Eliza Before The Deluge Looking Into You(a Tribute)(2014)
24 Lafave, Jimmy For Everyman Looking into You(a Tribute)(2014)
25 Williams, Lucinda The pretender Looking into You(a Tribute)(2014)
26 Browne, Jackson These Days Love is Strange: En Vivo Con Tino

Playlist 1167  van zondagavond 29 juli 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (non-stop samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel
1 Mayall's John & Bluesbreakers Double Trouble
2 Fleetwood Mac Need Your Love So Bad
3 Fleetwood Mac Oh Well Part 1
4 Fleetwood Mac Oh Well Part 2
5 Fleetwood Mac & Otis Spann Someday Baby
6 Fleetwood mac Man of The World
7 McCray, Larry Black Magic Woman
8 Green, Peter In The Skies
9 Green, Peter Splinter Group Dark end Of The Street
10 Fleetwood Mac Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
11 Jones, Paul & Band Albatros
12 Green, Peter Crawling King Snake
13 Mayall, John & Bluesbreakers Supernatural
14 Green, Peter & Joe Louis Walker Traveling Riverside Blues
15 Green, Peter Splinter Group Time Keeps Slipping Away
16 Scott, Freddy Brown Eyed Girl
17 Costello, Elvis Full Force gale
18 Jackson, Chuck Moondance
19 Kennedy, Brain Queen of the slipstream
20 Bell, William Have I told you lately
21 Wilson, Cassandra Crazy Love
22 Sir Mac rice Gloria
23 Faithfull, Marianne Madame George
24 Penn, Dan Bright side of the road
25 Kennedy, Brain &Shana Morrison Irish Heartbeat
26 Lavette, Bettey Real Real Gone
27 Hothouse Flowers Bright side of the road
28 Little Milton Tupelo Honey
29 Neeson, Liam Coney Island
30 Knight, Frederick Into the Mystic

Playlist 1166  van zondagavond 22 juli 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (non-stop samenstelling Peter Gubbels)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Moore, Gary all your love blues and beyond
2 Gales, Eric change in me middle of the road
3 King of the world life in the fast lane cincinnati
4 Allman brothers band Melissa an evening with, first set
5 Winter brothers band smokey mountain log Cabin Jones the winter brothers band
6 Jon, Robert & the wreck let her go wreckage vol. 2
7 Buchanan, Roy after hours the early years 1957-1962 recordings
8 Cream spoonfull those were the days
9 Sas, julian county jail blues live
10 Gallagher, Rory off the handle / walking blues legendary radio broadcast 1984
11 Dr. John how come my dog don't bark when you
come 'round
going back to new orleans
12 Wright, Gary dream weaver the dream weaver
13 Bloom, Luka mind your own mind breathe
14 Lafave, Jimmy peace town peace town
15 Massada vahevala the golden years of dutch pop music
16 new riders of the purple sge dim lights, thick smoke (and loud music) powerglide
17 Vanderveen, Ad denver nevada denver nevada
18 Knol, Tim shallow water days
19 Motel Westcoast with Venice always live in amsterdam
20 Motel Westcoast with Venice the family tree live in amsterdam
21 Fogelberg, Dan to the morning live at carnegie hall
22 Moore, Gary the sky is crying blues and beyond

Playlist 1165  van zondagavond 15 juli 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (non-stop samenstelling Peter Gubbels)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Brainbox summertime Mythology
2 Cuby and the Blizzards go down sunshine live in het oude Luxor
3 Chubby, Popa 3rd stone from the sun electric chubbyland
4 Vaughan, Stevie Ray couldn't stand the weather couldn't stand the weather
5 Travers Pat heat in the street four play
6 Thin Lizzy the sun goes down thunder and lightning
7 Uriah Heep sunrise the magicians birthday
8 Stillwater sunshine blues stillwater
9 Taste morning sun I'll remember
10 White, Snowy like the sun melting
11 Vedder, Eddie hard sun into the wild
12 Fischer-Z barbera sunlight building btidges
13 Treble Spankers, the I follow the sun hasheeda
14 Tabor summertime o'dschipen
15 America indian summer here & now
16 Remmelt, Muus & Femke here comes the sun the long way round
17 Firefall here comes the sun acoustic (the Beatles)
18 Young, Neil harvest moon harvest moon
19 Furay, Richie look at the sun I've got a reason
20 Hart, Beth summer is gone immortal
21 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young clear blue skies american dream
22 Zandt, Townes van don't let the sunshine fool ya legendary
23 Allah Las worship the sun worship the sun
24 White, Andy last day of summer speechless
25 Vanderveen, Ad sunshine wonders of the world
26 Drake, Nick Saturday sun five leaves left
27 Dunnery, Francis sunshine a collection
28 Whitesnake summer rain good to be bad

Playlist 1164  van zondagavond 8 juli 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Morrison, Van Bright Side of the Road (Provincie maakt geld vrij voor snelfietsroutes) Live(1979)
2 Verlinde, Guy & The Mighty Gators Bon Ton Roulet X (2018)
3 Trout, Walter Gonna Hurt Like Hell We're all in this Together(2017)
4 Rayford, Sugarray Take me Back The World That we live in(2017)
5 Ex Ronnie Tober Pauli Blierock 2018
6 Ex Ronnie Tober Ordinaire Wiever Blierock 2018
7 Boozze Hey Joe Blierock 2018
8 Veldman Brothers Hoochie Coochie Funk Blierock 2018
9 Mirage Medley Fleetwood Mack tracks Blierock 2018
10 Supersonics Medley Rockabilly/Rock&Roll Blierock 2018
11 Thorns, The Long Sweet Summer Night (Hittegolf en voorlopig geen regen) The Thorns(2003)
12 Johan Day is Done Pergola(2001)
13 Taylor, Sean The Cruelty of Man Flood and Burn(2017)
14 Dylan, Bob Ballad of Hollis Brown The Times They Are A Changing(1967)
15 Hollis Brown The ballad of Mr. Rose  3 shots(2015)
16 Black Keys, The Psychotic Girl Attack & Release(2008)
17 Steve Miller Band High On Your Mama Recall The Beginning…a journey From Eden(1972)
18 Prine, John The Lonesome Friend of Science The Tree of Forgiveness(2018)
19 Cooder, Ry Straight Street The Prodigal Son(2018)
20 Allman Brothers Band In Memory of Elisabeth Reed An Evening With The Allman brothers 2nd Set(1995)

Playlist 1163  van zondagavond 1 juli 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Little Feat Join The Band (plek-voor-bedrijfsbands-op-vrijmibo-zomerparkfeest) Waiting for Columbus (1978)
Malo Merengue evolution (1973)
Benitez Vida Nocturna Chicano Power sampler (1998)
Iguanas Nuevo Boogaloo Nuevo Boogaloo (1994)
Chango Mira Pa'ca Chango (1975)
Black Sugar Too late Black Sugar (1971)
Blazers el ano viejo Short Fuse (1994)
Sapo Sapo's Montuno Sapo (1974)
Massada sibu sibu Astaganaga (1978)
Santana Medley: Choo Choo / All Aboard  Santana IV live
Abraxas pool szabo Live at the house of blues (2016)
The Byrds Jesus is Just Allright (marcel-claessen-speelt-jezus-in-nieuwe-passiespelen) Ballad of Easy Rider(1969)
Jones, Laurence Can't go on without you The truth
Farnhem, John Burn for you Chain reaction (1990)
Atkins, Chet The Day Finger Pickers Took Over the World The day the finger ….. (1997)
Lamontagne, Ray Paper Man Part of the Light (2018)
Lamontagne, Ray Let's make it last Part of the Light (2018)
Fantastic negrito dark windows Please Don't Be Dead (2018)
Outlaw, Sam Trouble Tenderheart (2017)
Stevens, Sufjan Mystery of Love Call Me By Your Name OST (2017)
Pilot Hold me Live (1975)
Average White Band Pick up the pieces Person to person (1977)

Playlist 1162  van zondagavond 24 juni 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Sledge, Percy I've Got Dreams to Remember (Nostalgische avond in Tegelen razendsnel uitverkocht) Blue Night (1994)
2 Celso Salim Band No Need To Be Alone Mama's Hometown(2018)
3 Beck, Jeff & Joss Stone I Put A Spell On You Emotion & Commotion(2010)
4 Murphy, Matt Guitar Sweet Home Chicago The Blues Brothers Soundtrack(1980)
5 Douwe Bob How Lucky We Are Fool Bar(2016)
6 AJ Plug Trouble Chew Chew Chew(2016)
7 Walden  Artefacts Walden (2017)
8 Birth of Joy You are Many Hyper Focus(2018)
9 Dylan, Bob see that my grave is kept clean (Grafheuvels ontdekt in Venlo en Baarlo) Bob Dylan(1962)
10 CCC inc Castle In Spain Castle In Spain(1973)
11 Old Crow Medicine Show, The A World Away Volunteer(2018)